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Mr President?

Imagine a world where a comedian’s joke becomes reality. Every four years, an audacious underdog of the stand-up scene launches a faux presidential campaign, just to drum up business. His secret weapon? Luring celebrities into his hilarious web with a simple autograph that’s so much more than it seems.

But the universe has its own sense of humor. As waves of political scandals sweep the giants off the board, the world watches in astonishment as this jesting jester’s popularity skyrockets. His boldest move? Choosing the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion—a man of hidden depth and unmatched honor—as his running mate.

Then, at the pinnacle of their improbable ascent, fate delivers a sobering punchline: the comedian’s heart gives out. Suddenly, the world’s eyes are on a wrestler-turned-reluctant-leader, poised to grapple with the weightiest title of all: President of the United States.

Get ready for a riveting journey that blurs the lines between jest and destiny. Dive into “Mr President?” for an enthralling mix of comedy, drama, and the sheer unpredictability of life!


Book Signings

Conservative Grounds Cafe


March 30th
From 10am – Noon
Conservative Grounds, 13344 66th St N, Largo, FL 33771

Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill


March 30th
From 1pm – 4pm
Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill
1320 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

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The Authors

Chris Whaley and Mike McClaskey

Chris Whaley is not your ordinary American author. Beyond the pages of his books, he’s woven a tapestry of experiences as a Southern Baptist pastor, a professional wrestler in the dynamic arenas of Florida, and a man who once graced the ring as ‘The Saint’. The pulsating heart of his novel, “The Masked Saint”, found its way to the big screen in 2016, capturing audiences nationwide.

Mentored by the legendary Great Malenko, Chris took the wrestling world by storm in the 1980s. For a decade, he showcased his prowess in Florida and across the southeastern states, even facing off against giants like The Undertaker. Chris’s wrestling saga continued in Texas, where he engaged with powerhouses like Wild West Wrestling and WCCW, and made memorable appearances on independent circuits.

Chris Whaley’s life story bridges the seemingly disparate worlds of faith and wrestling, embodying the spirit of dedication and passion in all his endeavors.

Mike McClaskey hails from the vibrant backdrop of Florida—the very cradle of Florida Championship Wrestling—Mike embarked on a dynamic journey. As a young man, he leapt into the wrestling arena in 1978, even before tossing his college graduation cap. Today, while he might not be grappling in the ring, the spirit of wrestling continues to pulse through the scripts he crafts.

Not just a wrestler, Mike’s multifaceted talent led him to the world of cinema. With standout roles in local films, he not only captured audiences but also secured a coveted SAG membership. Ever the storyteller, Mike transitioned his vivid imaginations onto the screen, penning screenplays, commercials, and evocative short stories.

In his creative odyssey, Mike found a collaborator in Chris. Their combined genius has birthed numerous projects, with ‘Mr. President?’ being just one of their many masterpieces. Rest assured, the world can eagerly await more captivating tales from this dynamic duo.

For Media Enquiries:

Chris Whaley
Phone: 407-227-8781

Mike McClaskey
Phone: 828-226-5409

Who would have thought you could combine comedy, politics, and pro wrestling and actually make it a great book. ‘Mr. President?’ is just that, a great book and a great read! I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I did.

Marc Mero – Former Professional Wrestler

Marc Mero – Former Professional Wrestler

I have been ‘President’ in the ring 12 times! I think the country would benefit greatly to have a wrestler in the White House! You’re going to love this book!

Jeff Jarrett – WWE Hall of Famer

Jeff Jarrett – WWE Hall of Famer

I have been involved in professional wrestling for close to 50 years and in that time, I’ve come across all types of characters. Timmy Conners takes the cake. I know that if I had managed his career, he would have been the best fictional president we’ve ever seen. This is an easy and enjoyable read, even if you get hit in the head for a living!

JJ Dillon – Wrestler/Manager

JJ Dillon – Wrestler/Manager

Chris and Mike wrote a book about a comedian and a wrestler becoming President and Vice-President. I enjoyed reading this very much because every President is a comedian to me and I can name a few I’d love to body slam.

Lance Montalto – Comedian

Lance Montalto – Comedian

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